About Rylan

Rylan currently lives in Boulder, CO. He has been freelancing since April 2012 and consults on a variety of front-end and back-end client projects for start-ups and established companies.

He emphasizes clean, crafted, and tested code. Rylan works with proven technologies to architect applications that are easy to read, maintain, and iteratively improve upon. He builds, maintains, and improves web applications for several start-up clients.

In his free-time, Rylan volunteers with Boulder Food Rescue and manages the open source project supporting BFR, rides bikes, climbs, reads, travels, DJs, hikes, camps, and snowboards. He also attempts to play guitar and improve his knowledge of Spanish.

Web Technologies

Extensive Experience: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS, and Git. Client and Project Management.

Versed: Backbone, Ember, Angular, React, and DevOps.

Rylan Bowers - Web Developer